Advisory Board

Dr. Allan M. Springer

Dr. Allan M. Springer has over 40 years of experience in the paper science and engineering field. He has been a professor in the Department of Paper Science and Engineering at Miami University in Ohio for over 25 years. In 1994, he was named a TAPPI Fellow and recipient of several other TAPPI awards. In addition, Dr. Springer has served as an international guest lecturer and consultant on engineering. His consulting and professional experience has included work with companies such as Proctor & Gamble, Eastman Kodak and Kimberly Clark Corporation. Over the years he has been the author of numerous papers on the pulp and paper industry including, “Industrial Environmental Control: Pulp and Paper Industry.”

Tony Crouch

Tony Crouch has spent an entire professional career in the world of print and publishing. His work spans time spent in the UK, Canada and California including private sector, government and university press activities. He has traveled extensively throughout many parts of the world visiting and working with paper mills, printing plants and publishers, establishing life-long connections in the process.
Following his 2008 retirement after 21 years as the Director, Design & Production at the University of California Press, Berkeley, Tony has represented the digital and offset book manufatcurer IBT/Hamilton, covering the Western United States.
Tony is a former President of Bookbuilders West, and a recipient of the AAUP and "Publishing Executive", Distinguished Service Awards.

Richard Albert

Richard Albert Is the Technical Staff Manager and Process Technology Manager in the Pulp and Paper Division of a major Engineering Company: Provided Engineering Services for approximately 100 Kraft, Sulfite, Mechanical, and Recycled Pulp and Paper Companies, in 17 Countries, during a period of more than 40 years.

Dr. Kevin Lyons

Dr. Kevin Lyons is Chief Procurement Officer and Executive Director of Purchasing and a Research Professor in Supply Chain Environmental Archeology at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey where he is responsible for all procurement and contracting. He also conducts research on developing and integrating environmental, social, economic and ethical criteria into supply chain systems and processes. Dr. Lyons is involved in an extensive environmental archaeological research project, Supply Chain Archeology, involving consumption patterns, product design, water, energy and waste impacts.

Joy Towles Ezell

Joy Towles Ezell is the Founder of HOPE (Help Our Polluted Environment) Joy is an active environmentalist, community organizer, and pollution fighter. She is the founder and leader of HOPE (Help Our Polluted Environment) and Friends of the Fen Holloway River in Taylor County, Florida. She has dedicated her life to cleaning up pulp mill pollution specifically of the Fen Holloway River to restore the once beautiful river as well as the Floridian Aquifer and the Gulf of Mexico. She has appeared on CBS’ 60 Minutes, in CNN’s award-winning features on pulp mill pollution: The Smell of Money, and What Price White Paper? As well as in the Australian Broadcasting Commission’s Clean Up The World feature stories.

Frank Perkowski

Frank Perkowski is the President of the Business Development Advisory Since 2000, he has implemented over 100 consulting engagements for a diverse set of clients within the paper and packaging industry. Most assignments involve conducting market assessments, business opportunity screenings, market research studies, and growth strategy development.

Jane Bloodworth

Jane Bloodworth is a Business Manager for Printing Graphics and Map Design at the World Bank. Her responsibilities include strategic planning, technology planning and implementation, sustainability initiatives, as well as daily oversight for the Bank's photography, mapping, graphic design, offset and digital printing, electronic products, mailing and distribution services and photocopier programs.